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Global Rules

  1. You will not upload content that violates United States Law.

  2. You will not visit the site if you are under the age of 18.

  3. You will not distribute malware or other harmful content.

  4. You will not spam or flood the boards. Period.

  5. You will not post images that dont retain to the topic of the board.

  6. You will not advertise anything on the boards, without explicit permission.

  7. Absolutely NO political or politically-charged content. This place is for fun, not for flamewars.

  8. The following content is not in line with site culture, and will be promptly deleted;

  9. a. Wojack
    b. Pepe
    c. *oomer memes (zoomer, boomer, coomer)
    d. Stupid buzzwords like "seethe", "cope", "dilate", "janny", and the like.
    e. Ironic shitposting.

  10. Do not complain about moderation, or any other meta topic outside of /q/. Do not report bugs, site issues, or errors outside of /q/.

  11. No general threads. No identically re-occuring threads. Examples:

    b. "/bbbg/ - BLAHBLAHBLAH GENERAL"
    c. "last thread about [x] died, lets make another one"

Board Specific Rules

/b/ - 2D/Random

  1. ZOMG!! NONE!
  2. *note: just kidding... all of the rules are in place.

/q/ - Meta

  1. Content should pertain to the site, and issues with the site.
  2. Feel free to write any and all critisism here. Blatant trolling will be deleted. (ex. HAHAHA 9CH IS SHIT)
  3. Content should be SFW

/jp/ - Japan

  1. This board is meant to serve as a one-stop-shop for all things Japanese. Japanese culture, food, language, cities, and politics are allowed, amonst many other things. Topics like anime, manga, vtubers, touhou, and other related subjects also are welcome.
  2. Rule 7 is not in place. Japanese Political issues are free to be discussed here. Remember to avoid using bad-faith arguments.
  3. Both English and Japanese languages are allowed and encouraged.

/r/ - Reimu Armpits

  1. sigh... - this board is self explanatory.

/a/ - 2D/Discussion

  1. Please do not start flamewars, arguments over whos the prettiest character are just fine but do try to keep trolling on /b/.
  2. Please keep all image-sharing to /c/
  4. Content should be SFW

/c/ - 2D/Cute

  1. Please do not post blurry, over saturated, or otherwise poor-qualtiy images unless it is to fit a certain theme, or requested by the OP
  2. Dont be afraid with big uploads, you got 12mb to play with!
  3. No discussion. This is an imagesharing board, discussion goes on /a/.
  4. Content should be SFW

/h/ - Ero/Hentai

  1. Just like /a/, this will be moderated. Do not post about your Saturday vacation plans here, as it will be promptly removed.
  2. Sadly there will be no dickgirlz (except Bridget) or yaoi allowed in this forum. Keep the pedo-rific content to a minimum as well, and make sure the images portray someone noticably in their teens. See /d/ and /e/ for alternatives to this board.
  3. Try to include as much information as possible about a picture. If you know the girl's name, artist's name, manga name, anime name, etc., post it so that others may find more!
  4. Girls pictured should be noticably in their teens.

/e/ - Ero/Softcore

  1. This board is a derivative of /h/, and all of /h/s rules apply here.
  2. No males should be seen in the picture.
  3. If the image is not blatantly sexual in nature, consider /c/ as an alternative for your image.

/d/ - Ero/Degenerate

  1. Dickgirls? check.
  2. Lolis? check.
  3. Guro? check.

/f/ - Flash

  1. All Global Rules Apply.

/gif/ - gif

  1. Only GIF, WEBM, or MP4 files are permitted

/mil/ - Military

  1. I (kuz) do not own or moderate this board. Please direct questions to sairo
  2. All Military equipment is allowed. Discussion of military tactics, armorment, weaponry, and military politics is permitted
  3. No politics that do not directly pertain to the boards topic.

/q/ - Site Discussions

  1. No Heyuri threads, No kuz threads, see the /hy/ and /kuz/ boards as an alternative.
  2. Do not report security issues here. mail them to me instead.


/chat/ - Discussion

  1. All topics are permitted
  2. All rules listed on the Rules Page apply here as well.
  3. Images are not allowed
  4. This is an english board only.

/haiku/ - Haiku Poetry

  1. For haiku poetry.
  2. Japanese and English Haikus allowed
  3. All rules listed on the Rules Page apply here as well.
  4. Images are not allowed

/hy/ - Heyuri

  1. Strictly for the discussion of Heyuri, Heyuri events, and Heyuri administration.
  2. NO KUZ THREADS. Instead, see: /kuz/
  3. Do not post IP addresses, doxs, or other revealing information here. Instead, see: /i/
  4. Do not lie, cite sources where possible.
  5. No trolling, flamewaring, or other nonsense type discussion
  6. This board is owned and moderated by Anonymous.

/prog/ - Programming

  1. Topics should center around Programming, Computers, and technology

/sjis/ - Shift_JS

  1. Shift_JS art